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After buying, selling, joining, learning on webinars for 15 years online ,, I guess that I have been exposed to Many Gurus – many get-rich-quick programs and the Others – who just want Your money.. So you Learned to stop buying shovels and maps to the goldmine – Send me the money – Right ?

All of these seem to Add Up – to a decent working knowledge of internet plans, programs, software and methods. Now , I Learn Daily and never thought that I was better than Others.. I Believe Everyone should have a Chance to actually Make Some money – with limited effort – and a small or no investment.

That is what I am Seeking with my Newest venture online. Many people have put out Letters – that give you either five , six or seven Other People , in most Any Country wanting You to send Them a Dollar.. You have Seen this before.. The growing Number of Letter’s in circulation has been multiplied – by Email and other means.. As in many Other programs , some like to try to Cheat.. Now , with modern Tracking devices – this has almost been eliminated.. There is Code in every Site and in Every Email.. The Difference in My Letter is that I Care about the little guys..

Should these People not be Able – to copy an paste or build a page or Website – they are no longer in a helpless condition — They Can still earn with My Letter from Emailing it to Others ! Yes , even if they can only Email – they can Still Earn..  All of my ventures are Tracked.. Should anyone need Assistance with Making a splashpage , there are instructions and Links to Learn How to make a Splash , free or cheap..

Yes and an Email address on the bottom of my Letter to ask for help.. There are Great Sites and Places to send Ads to in My Letter – Others who Know How – can Change Those Links – to Their Links – when They spent $7.00 by P-Pal – to get Their Own Copy of My Letter.. Cheaters or those who Try to cheat – will not prosper Here.. The Multiplication of those you send these Letters To – can be 40 X 40 X 40 X 40 X 40 = a Lot of People paying You from Pay-pal Direct.. In the Future – I will send out the Link that I have for Only the pay-pal Dot ME Links – that pay your Account Direct.. You can get those Pay-Pal.me Links right on the PayPal Site Free..  So If you choose – get Your paypal open and Start sending out the $1.00 Add Me to Your LIST payments.. Your $7.00 Letter – with or without your personal Links.. If you can copy and paste – you can Always Change The Letter ! , (within Limits). Please , as a matter of collecting BizOp Leads – take a few minutes and Send Those – who sent You a dollar – Your Other Sales Link Or Invite to Join your Facebook Group, Team or Program.. Because NOW You have Their Name or Email On Your Paid List !

Just as My Letter says , We reap What We sow and I am one who Wants to encourage and Help Others.. It takes Time , but the Good that We sow – does come Back to US. Peace , Love and Prosperity for All. Help enough People get Established to make money online and You will Be Established To Also ! Thank You.

Orlando  – Admin at  https://Ocalgroup.com

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